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Are games too easy for you?

Do you feel like all games are way too easy? Do you like challenges and are short on time? Don't get fooled by this game cute graphics. It's hardcore!

What's this game about?

Idea behind this game is simple. You try to run as far as you can. Game is randomly generated, so every run is different. Further you run, the harder it gets and more coins you get. You spend coins for new skins. So instead of bear, you can play as characters like fox or even elephant.

You start in grassy environment. After you run for a while, you can reach caves or snowy areas. And that's when it gets harder! After certain time, the game even speeds up and the real challenge awaits!
If you are proud of your run, you can share your score on online leaderboards.

Animal Run is free to play and you can get it on Google Play!

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